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 New AUS-SPEC Rural Roads specification package

 4 ways to achieve better pavement preservation for local roads

 Case study: How asset management protected a regional council from litigation

 Q&A NAMS Consultant Supporters

 Future of roads asset management roundtable

 AUS-SPEC News and update 2017

 14 reasons why our country councils have an engineering draught

 AUS-SPEC October 2016 update 


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Why good specs matter when the rubber hits the road

New AUS-SPEC Rural Roads Specification


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IPWEA using AUS-SPEC for sprayed seals for road resurfacing

Better local roads with the new AUS-SPEC Package

Pavement preservation for more sustainable local roads

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Managing the future of our communities

Q&A NAMS Consultant Supporters full discussion

Future of roads asset management roundtable full discussion

Local roads paving the way to a greener future

Street smart recycling


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AUS-SPEC Case study – Consultant’s perspective 

An AUS-SPEC approach to parks and recreation areas asset management. A south Australian experience. Full case study is available at 


IPWEA Queensland: Engineering for Public Works Journal 

AUS-SPEC: Making roads safer for rural communities article


AUS-SPEC Case Study – Council perspective


Great lakes Council $5.1m project using AUS-SPEC specifications shares the Council experience of using AUS-SPEC specifications for an extension of Tea Gardens Industrial Estate; a new Waste Transfer Station and the preparation of the new Works Depot site. Full case study is available at 

The AUS-SPEC page on the IPWEA website can be found here.

Australian Local Government Infrastructure Yearbook 2017 


Roads Online 

AUS-SPEC undertakes major review of construction specification templates

Full article is available at 

Making roads safer for rural communities by Emma Green