Recycled Material for Road Works Phase 1 & 2

Recycled Material for Road Works Phase 1

To assist Local Government in achieving sustainability in road design, Office of Projects Victoria, NATSPEC, Sustainability Victoria, IPWEA Victoria, and the Civil Contractors Federation are participating in an initiative to review engineering standards to increase the use of recycled materials in the construction of our local roads. In turn, this will reduce the amount of recycled materials being diverted to landfill.

The first phase of the initiative is now complete and the Project Report highlighting opportunities nationally for engineering standards reform, with a larger opportunity for Local Councils to share knowledge with one another. 

A TECHnote is available here which provides guidance on specifying the use of recycled materials in road construction using AUS-SPEC. 

NATSPEC Media Release

Recycled Material for Road Works Phase 2

Phase 2 of the initiative involves working with individual NSW councils and seeking opportunities to reform engineering standards collectively. The objective of the initiative is to increase collaboration, drive the uptake of circular economy principles, and significantly reduce recyclables being diverted to landfill.  


Welcome to the survey on Recovered Resources and Recycled Content in Roads Construction. This survey is part of Phase 2 of the research project on recycled materials in local roads, conducted by NATSPEC, SSROC, EPA NSW, IPWEA NSW and Local Government NSW. It will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete. 

Your responses will help the project partners to develop new specifications and encourage the use of recycled content in local government roads. 


Please complete the survey on the following link by Friday, 29th November.
The survey can be found here