NATSPEC Student Prize

NATSPEC is kicking off 2022 with its annual National student competition. The NATSPEC Student Prize is open to students enrolled in Australian Universities that provide an Accredited Architecture Masters course, who meet all the eligibility requirements. Please see the eligibility requirements and other important information about the competition by clicking on the below link. The competition was developed with the assistance of the 2022 Steering Committee.


If you are interested in registering and taking part in the competition please click the button below: 


GEN 002 NATSPEC's use of standards
Discusses use of Australian and other standards in specification writing.

GEN 005 Specifications
Discusses the roles, forms and importance of specifications.

GEN 007 Making sure your specifications are up-to-date
Offers updating strategies relating to NATSPEC information.

GEN 009 Hold points and witness points
Defines hold points and witness points and explains their contractual implications in the context of both NATSPEC and AUS-SPEC worksections.

GEN 013 Specifying quality
Communicating the requirements for quality is the main technical function of the specification. This TECHnote outlines how NATSPEC is used to achieve quality in construction projects.

GEN 029 Design and specification guidance text in NATSPEC
Discusses how NATSPEC worksection Templates include guidance in the form of ‘hidden’ Guidance text to help specifiers select the most appropriate worksections and edit Template content to create a project specification.

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